Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweden!!!  here's a few shots from our trip to Sweden...
Big thanks to all of the Jokers and their families and friends for the great times!
As usual, Guy helping me out replacing front wheel bearings

The Shovels @ Mattias' place

Things you do on your typical holiday...sanding a Dodge Tradesman A108 Van

The heart of Mattias' (LeBeef) new project...51 PanShovel engine

And the man himself welding up the last bit on the new bikes' frame

7am wednesday...freshly painted Tradesman...

4am thursday...on the way back from Göthenburg after a good night with great friends


CHVRCH said...

Nice photos! Thanks!

Bushwacker said...

I'm glad that you guys really work hard for your project!

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