Friday, May 26, 2006

New Pictures online...

Check the KustomPhoto blog to see the new series of pictures:

KultureShotsby ElCheapo.

Monday, May 22, 2006

67 buick lesabre

Earlier this week I laid down some lines on Donald's 67 buick.

Fifties Day Breda

Been doing some work in Breda / Holland today (or already yesterday.)
This one is on MissE's nirve limousine bicycle.

Thanx bigtime to Jef, Karin, Cees and all other people I've met there for the warm welcome.

picture by VonKesto

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Radikal Bugz Striping day...

Last Saturday, I drove down south to visit the guys from Radikal Bugs in Bergen (Mons)
They invited me to do some pinstriping on them rides.
Wich are absolutely wicked if you ask me.

also check out some of their blogs if ya feel like it...
Radikal bugz

There is more of them...check 'em out!!!
Big Thanx to all them guys overthere...I'll be back!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Krugger...some work shots...

Thanx Fred for sending the pics.
Really enjoyed doing this handpainted lettering on Fred's latest bike, the Harper.
Meanwhile, Fred & the bike have made a european tour, to germany, sweden and France...
So if you wanna see and read more about this bike, check all major motorcycle magazines.

Wanna see the details of the paintjob I did, check one of the previous posts, think the post title is Harper...the newest Krugger Creation, posted in March.

Blaster's Panhead

Earlier this week, Blaster (yes The Pinstriper) from Italy
send me some pics of his newly painted chopper.
The previous version had a dark blue (or was it purple) with lotsa
goldleaf and striping.
This second paintjob is by the hand of the Master himself from flakes to stripes...
Guess sixties & seventies paintjobs are magic if you're into it.
I for one am wild about them.
This is one very nice paintjob with Blaster written all over it. KOOL!!!

Can't exactly find the specs on the rest of the bike, hope I do soon though.
But one thing's for sure...It doesn't get any better than this!!!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

El Cheapo's Tour Dates part...???

I will travel to several events all over for the next few months...
Check out the dates if you want me to do some stripng work for ya.

Here it goes:

May 14: Aircooled VW meeting in Hofstade (near Mechelen) Belgium.
check out the website

May 21: All American Fifties Day Breda (Holland)

June 3 & 4: Biker Meeting MTC United Klingdom / De Klinge (Belgium)

June 15: Road Devils Europe carshow in Bottrop / Germany ONLY ON FRIDAY!!!

June 16: Biker Meeting Harley Club Breda / Hoogstraten Belgium
ONLY ON SATERDAY, from about 16.00pm till as long as it takes...

June 17: Openhouse American Lifstyle Dendermonde / Belgium
ONLY ON SUNDAY from 12.00 pm 'till...

July 1: Bikermeeting Rattle Snakes / Axel / Holland

July 2: Radikal Bugz meeting / Bergen (Mons) / Belgium

July 1&2: Some of my work on display at the V-motors / Garage Mania Open House in Wondelgem (near Gent) / Belgium
Unfortunately, I will not be present.

July 21: Cruise Mania 2 / Chopper, Lowrider & Beachcruiser meeting in
Moerzeke / Belgium (near Dendermonde)
Hotrods, custom cars, airkooled Bugs, choppers & Bobber motorcycles welcome...
Traditional, old skool styled rides only!!!

August 6: Rockin' at the Drive Inn

August 11-13: Executioners Hot rod HayRide / UK
more info coming soon

August 27: Rockabilly Day / Ertvelde Belgium (near Gent)

That's about for now...will post new dates whenever appropriate...
Hope to see ya somewhere along the road.

Mike's Chopper!!!

April 16th...Easter...
Roques Mc (Holland) Choppershow, Mike's Way Kool chopper won best of show.
Guess I was almost as happy as Mike was.
Didn't have the chance of shooting this awesome old skool ride myself, so I just stole some pics of the Rogues MC website.
The pics were made by Biker Starke.
Hope you guys don't mind, otherwise, lemmeknow.

Some kustom weekend pictures

These are the two panels I made for the Artshow. Should have been 4 but I didn't finish all of them in time.

Max asked me to paint a Program display for the weekend, so I did it Cheapo Style by looking in Garbage Containers for a decent panel to paint on.
This suitcase was perfect for it. (Got some really shocking looks while pulling it out of the container though:-)))

One of those moments that made a super weekend...Thanx Guys.
From left to right: Blaster, Alex (Al's Tikis) Mr Kool, myself & my wife Cindy.

Monday, May 08, 2006

It has been way too long....

Since I posted some new stuff here.

So here's the load on what's been happening for about the last month or so.

Been striping alot as well as shooting some pics (girls, cars 'n bikes, what more can I ask for?)

Also made a trip to Italy to attend the Kustom Weekend organized by Max Trono and the Italian Chapter of the Crazy Cruisers car club.
A real nice weekend among friends (old & new) also enjoyed the artist's get to ghether with Mr Kool (suisse) Alex from Al's Tikis (Suisse) and "master" Blaster ( italy).
Thanx alot all of you who were there for a super weekend.

Well that's about it in writing, have some pics for ya'll wich I will be posting over the next few days.

Take Care,
" El Cheapo " Sven