Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black Betty Chopper

Back in the late 80ies, early 90ies, my buddy Bow build and rode this WLA chopper.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another nice souvenir from Spain...

With Frankino of Frankino's ChopWorks / Italy
at the Speedfest in Barcelona...thanx for the Trophy dude!
See you in Jeselo!

Riding with some friends...

Last saterday I took out the shovel for a ride to the Gasketblowers Fest
Good thing I was meeting some friends out there because I needed a ride home since my reartire blew while parked at the show, right after I repaire the fucked up oilline wich drained my entire tank at arrival.
The show was good fun...and the ride home on the back of Jef's Streetglide was more painfull then riding my hardtail shovel...but still quite enjoyable...Thanx Jef.
We were riding home with Guy, who took out his "new" shovel and had a blast, and his wife Iris on her Sporty...she has to make some miles in order to get her license and she's going great...
All in all a great day dispite the the shovel home in the van and started another round of wrenching...ain't life swell.

New!!! 400BC blog

Check out this new blog by my buddy Gus from the Trashers cc.
More of the stuff we all like so much...
You can never see enough kool go there and enjoy!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Honda CB 750 project...

Been gathering some wild ideas for my "upcoming" project
Thank God for Tjebbe's ZZ Chop Blog...and Sik's Greaseheadquarters

Last weeks painjobs...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Dave Mann Rules!!!

Duco De Vries

Duco is the Rogues mc clubphotographer and made a book about the guys some time back,
Bikers in Holland is a must have for every chopperfreak out there...
During the show I pinstriped Duco's helmet and in the meantime he made some great shot's of me working. for more of his work go to
the bloke watching my every move is Erik aka El Shofel...chopperfreak pur sang and allround great guy.

Frank's Highneck Chopper

Before the show I stopped by L&L Choppers to pinstripe Frank's newly build chopper.
This thing is huge!!! but still a very hardcore and beautifull chopper.
Ramon painted the frame in a flashy Chrysler Gold and the parts in flat black.
Pretty unusual combination, but with a perfect result.

Choppershow Rogues MC

Made a trip to the North of holland last week to visit the annual
Choppershow of the Rogues MC.
As always, good times, great bikes and a perfect atmosphere.
Thanx to all Rogues members for another great weekend, and to Beer & Els for the hospitality.
more on

Thursday, April 01, 2010

My old 41 Chevy

My old ride getting a chassis swap in Switserland, David and Momo are dropping the Belle
to the floor, pretty sure it's gonna look hot.
Way to go dudes...
check here for more:

My buddy Ward...

sent this crappy shot of his cool Triumph under some more construction.
He mounted the gastank I painted for my shovel and dropped on the floor just after final clearcoat.
Its damaged too much to fix without repainting, but Ward likes it like this so...
gotta get my ass over to Paso Ravels to check it out for real...