Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy holidays and all the best for 2007!!!!

I will start posting again very soon, been pretty busy doing some new stuff....

so expect some new pics here soon.

For now...enjoy the holidays



Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the Backyard Belle...

Has finally made her first roadtrip.
Two weeks ago we took her for a ride to Helmond / Holland to the Old Skool Choppers meet.
Felt great to drive the chevy again after 2,5 years of bodywork.

Still has a long way to go, but next year is gonna be spent on the road...
looking ratty as hell, but fun to drive...for more pictures from the meeting,

check out the Flyin' Dutchman blog or the DBBP website (check events)

the lowdown...

Been quite busy lately, not to many updates done...
The few post are to make up for that...
Flaked helmet is my own, black bike and helmet belong to Mark aka Duckman,
he has this awesome
website make sure to check it out!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mike's Chopper in Bigtwin Magazine !!!

Mike's Shovel Chop appears in this month's issue of Bigtwin Magazine (Dutch bikermag)
And he made some great promotion for the pinstriping work I did on this wicked ride.
Thanx alot Gast !!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

latest works...

Living life on the road pretty much these days...
so just a visual update for now, figured some new stuff had to be posted!!!

See ya'll somewhere down the road.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

El Cheapo's Tour Dates part...whatever

Next Sunday june 11th. at the Bug meet in Moucron (Moeskroen) / Belgium
Already booked for quite some work, but drop by the booth if you wanna have something striped.
We'll see what's possible.

From friday 16th till sunday june 18th I will be striping at the Summermeet of HDCBreda in Hoogstraten / Belgium
check out the website

A new blank canvas...

Doing some lettering on Ludo's 57 Oval Standart Bug.
Starting with the doors...
Afterwards some aluminum interior panels need to get some paint
and also some lettering above the rearwindow.

keep your eyes open for this wicked dragracer...
check out more on Ludo's blog

Friday, June 02, 2006

and the last piece finished...

A tryout promotional tshirt,
all handpainted and striped.
the striping was done with the Buegler Tool, not quite traditional, but it was only a tryout, and the brush didn't seem to work out quite good.

Keep your eyes on this blog, the shirt might become available in a limited edition.
We'll keep ya updated if it happens.

VonZelli's chopper bicycle

We did a metalflake paintjob on this one, some candyapple red and alot of silver pinstriping.
Still need to do some lettering, but this is it for now.

A few new posts...

For you all to see what I've been upto...
Things getting quite busy at the moment,
hope to see ya'll around somewhere this summer.

first a gastank I did for Karin & Jef...some hotrod style handpainted lettering.

Friday, May 26, 2006

New Pictures online...

Check the KustomPhoto blog to see the new series of pictures:

KultureShotsby ElCheapo.

Monday, May 22, 2006

67 buick lesabre

Earlier this week I laid down some lines on Donald's 67 buick.

Fifties Day Breda

Been doing some work in Breda / Holland today (or already yesterday.)
This one is on MissE's nirve limousine bicycle.

Thanx bigtime to Jef, Karin, Cees and all other people I've met there for the warm welcome.

picture by VonKesto

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Radikal Bugz Striping day...

Last Saturday, I drove down south to visit the guys from Radikal Bugs in Bergen (Mons)
They invited me to do some pinstriping on them rides.
Wich are absolutely wicked if you ask me.

also check out some of their blogs if ya feel like it...
Radikal bugz

There is more of them...check 'em out!!!
Big Thanx to all them guys overthere...I'll be back!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Krugger...some work shots...

Thanx Fred for sending the pics.
Really enjoyed doing this handpainted lettering on Fred's latest bike, the Harper.
Meanwhile, Fred & the bike have made a european tour, to germany, sweden and France...
So if you wanna see and read more about this bike, check all major motorcycle magazines.

Wanna see the details of the paintjob I did, check one of the previous posts, think the post title is Harper...the newest Krugger Creation, posted in March.

Blaster's Panhead

Earlier this week, Blaster (yes The Pinstriper) from Italy
send me some pics of his newly painted chopper.
The previous version had a dark blue (or was it purple) with lotsa
goldleaf and striping.
This second paintjob is by the hand of the Master himself from flakes to stripes...
Guess sixties & seventies paintjobs are magic if you're into it.
I for one am wild about them.
This is one very nice paintjob with Blaster written all over it. KOOL!!!

Can't exactly find the specs on the rest of the bike, hope I do soon though.
But one thing's for sure...It doesn't get any better than this!!!