Tuesday, January 29, 2008

'52 Triumph Chopper

My buddy Tristan from Kars build this Trumph, first time he build a bike.
you gotta see this one alive, lots of details to be discovered
And it's for sale, contact him on his website

Tamale Leaf...

took this shot last september at Bo huff's museum in Utah...

Make a statement!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Japanese pinstriper / painter Grimb does some wild art
go to his blog to see more

Limpe shot me....

or at least he made this wonderfull shot of me @ work on Mikes bass
check out more of limpe's photography here

Mike's bass

At the Speedfest carshow (Trashers cc) in Eindhoven I pinstriped Mike's bass...

Japan Golden rod

this looks like one amazing hotrod...from Japan


From Los Angeles....the one and only MrCartoon
one great artist!
check out his blog

Flyin' Dutchmans fotoblog

My buddy Maurice from Holland shoots some killer pictures from some of the coolest bikes around....check out his blog

Biker Mondo

Luis from Mondo Biker Magazine in Spain
hooked me up with 4 pages in the mag.
smiling from ear to ear since it dropped in the mailbox.
Muchas Gracias LUIS!!!

Scott Pommier bike

Scott Pommier rides this bike built by Max Schaaf.
fuckin' awesome shovel.
And Scott is a great photographer too as the pic shows

scott pommier
max schaaf blog

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Loco Bandidos Paint

came across this on the web, killer paint on killer rides.
Cars and paint courtesy of Loco Bandidos CC / los angeles

koolest Xmass card I got....

Andy from Flying Choppers send me this one....
great card....
not only the card is great, Andy builds some kickass bikes
Finnish oldstyle rides!!!
checkout his website: flyingchoppers.com

Fresh pinstriping....

my own shovel.....

Been testing the shovel the last few weeks on the road....
kind off exploring the limits of only the original rearbrake....

meanwhile back in the shack for some better looks.
next week I hope to have it back on the road for now....
then some paint in a week or 4.

HAPPY 08 !!!

Bit late, but WTF, will be NY ev'ry day!
still hope it'll be an inspiring one for you all!