Friday, December 30, 2005

Don't miss this party...

2nd RockinBowl in Antwerp...

Support this event, come early rods, kustoms & motorsickles welcome...
contact organisers for parking space!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My latest paintjob...

Orange candy over large silver flakes
black & créme pinstripes.

My pride & Joy...

The Backyard Belle
1941 full kustom Chevy

Build by myself and my buddies from Scrapers Carclub
for the last 4 years...

hope to get some miles on the road in 2006...

kustom tricks...

Topchop 5 inch front & 6 inch back
2 door conversion + suicide doors
molded fenders & hood

engine 1979 chevy inline six
(to be replaced by a 63 inline 6 dressed & hopped up)

airide suspension on rear axle (79 chevy)
and cut coils in front.

Future plans...finishing bodywork and paintjob
lowering the front some more, engineswap, puttin some miles on her...

Friday, December 23, 2005

my newest project

Next to the 41chevy full kustom I'm building, I'm also working on this
1972 ironhead's gonna be a wild sixties styled chopper.
Hope to get it on the road by next summer.

finally figured it out...

Took me a few days and some asking around, how to post images on this blog...
Now that I've got it all under control, I'm gonna hit you all with some of my latest paintjobs and more...
Hope you all enjoy my work.

Take care,

Thursday, December 08, 2005


just started to look around for a way to update my website more ofter,
when i came across blogger.
This should do the job just fine.
The job that is...keeping you all informed about my kustom works,
ranging from photography to pinstriping, kustom paintwork, grafik design & lot's more.
Additional to all of this I will also post some news from the european car & bike kulture.
I will also try to post some if you wanna promote an event sent us you flyer & info.
(remember...we have the right to refuse any flyer based on whatever reason we can think of)
Hope this works I'll post some more within the next days
Take care...