Friday, November 30, 2007

fresh paint

visit to my buddy Tristan @ KARS

yesterday I went to drop of Tristans '51 plymouth suburban after doing some lettering and striping on it.
while we were at his shop, we did some photoshoots.
here's some sampels of what we did.
the model is Tris' lovely wife Angelica.
visit the KARS website

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jochen's 41 Plymouth....under construction

Still being build, I could resist doing a photoshoot with this bare metal beauty.This one is scheduled to hit the road next spring.....

Build by Charles Poelmans Model: Simone aka Miss Moon

before discovery of the wankers office

These are the bikes we were shooting before finding the office from the previous post.


Some time ago, I was in the old harbour part of Gent shooting some bikes.
After the bikeshoot I wandered around a bit on the abondonned industrial site.
Afterall it turned out not to be abandonned, some kindof of Truck garage was in the building and this is what I saw though some broken window....

That's why I love wandering around these places...always some fascinating stuff to be found and shoot.

Art Expo Amsterdam

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Couldn't resist.....

While I was in the shop the other day....these 2 had to be seen together...the gastank I'm painting for a WL chopper build by Hans and my own (for now abandonned) Ironhead project

Makes me wanna start building it again...If I only had time :-(

Costas' Castings

A while ago, Costas from Greece send me some emails bout finding a traditional rod or custom...
severals messages later we came to the subject of making ECKW nametags....
it never came to really having them made, but C. made me a oneoff El Cheapo bronze casting....
and eventhough it was pretty rough, I liked it from the moment he send it to me.
Meanwhile, Costas has perfected his casting techniques and he turns out some really kool shit...

check for youself on his website

Blue Sunshine....frisco style kawasaki from Milan

In the new Dice magazine you'll find a full feature bout this bike,
I met Romano bout 2 years ago at the Crazy Cruisers Kustom Weekend
in Italy, both him and his wife are really nice people...
Romano build this bike from a W650 kawasaki from '99, he wanted it to be
a Frisco styled bike...and guess what, this one looks great.
What's more, Romano runs this great website and blog...
check it out:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Danny Fransen Tribute on the Jockey Journal

About time this man gets the credit he deserves for building bikes that really are the shit!
Been looking at Dannys work for about 22 years know, and I'm always blown away when I see what he comes up with.
Last year we finally met and since then I was able to stripe his latest bike.
Great Guy, Kool Bikes!!!

more about this guy from Belgium on the Jocky Journal

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Speedfest Eindhoven Rockcity!!!

December 8 will be a day to remember, Peter Pan Speedrock is having their party in Eindhoven Holland, Speedfest.....check the flyer for bands and info.
Also during the same day and on the same location is a small traditional carshow organized by the Trashers cc.

Scrapers cc New Years Party

Maybe you know, maybe not, but me and my bro's from the carclub love to party....
So here you go:

some images of dutch bigtwin bike show....

all images by Mark"Duckman" VanderKwaak, visit his amazing website

Sunday, November 04, 2007

full custom paint...

This tank is still in the works...sneak preview though, since I'm so pleased with this....

favorite bikes

as these were seen at the Horse Smokeout...
Triumph by Kutty Nooteboom
Shovel by Eric Webb
& the WL by Four Aces Cycles