Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My own Shovel

Been enjoying the thrills of my new ride...the shovel does really good, braking is a bit of a "thing" but that will be taken care of....still gotta do the exhausts, paint and more stuff....
but for now, it's time to hit the road with "the Thing"

Rogues MC Chopper show...

Had a lot of fun, met some great people, saw a lot of kool bikes and at the same time produced a nice anniversary tank for the Outsiders mc in Portland.
You should definately visit this show next year...great atmosphere and lots of stuff you should see.

the Belle has left...enter a new ride

Although I'm already missing my 41 chevy wich was sold about 2 months ago, I found myself a comfortable new wich gives me the possibility to transport a small booth and some stuff but at the same time, will receive some killer looks by lowering, whitewallls and of course a wild paintjob. most of the work will be done next winter, for now I just wanna cruise my 61 Ford Galaxy Starliner. I guess we'll see you around somewhere this summer.

Case's '46 Knuckle

Quite a bit of guys around here who are into period correct chops & bobbers, One of them is Case from Holland.
He asked me to paint his knuckle, kindof 40ies homegrown style with some racing influences.

Danny Franssen (see earlier post on this blog) came up with the perfect design for the job (and some beautifull sketches of it! Thanx Danny!

Meanwhile the knuck has made his maidentrip and Case is smiling from ear to ear. and so am I for him!

Been quite busy...finally another update.

did the logo and some lettering for the latest Krugger bike,
meanwhile "Half Day" Fred's S&S 50th anniversary won 5th place in Mainz (germany)
beginning of may the bike ships to the USA for the S&S show and maybe some other big shows.

Another Job well done by Fred from Krugger Motorcycle Company, and I was really pleased to have a little contribution to the " Half Day" bike

see more on the Krugger website