Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally was able to drop by Erik's new Bar, the Garage, at his house...
This bar is open to friends and Garage Maniacs forum members and is a mighty great hangout if you ask me.
Erik and Harry really made it work here! and many Maniacs already dropped by and left behind some amazing stuff to decorate the Place.
Besides the bar, there's also Erik's Shed in the garden ( is the least to say...this dudes lives in paradise...) this is home to his ever growing stash of cool bikes, parts and overall weird stuff.
Erik and Angel also host the yearly Garage Maniacs party in their garden...about 40 to 50 dudes with choppers hanging round his place for a weekend in Mai... a yearly gettogether of the Freaks!

Thanks Erik for the hospitaly, hope to come again soon!
and of course our biggest support goes out to Angel for putting up with all those freaks dropping by ever so often.

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