Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pinstriping Planet 2...

The good people at Korero Books over in the Uk, asked me to send in some pictures of my work to publish in this new book..."Pinstriping Planet 2" Thanx so much for showing my stuff.
Besides my own striping and paintwork there's amazing work of 23 other artists from all over the world. Get the book and check out all the cool stuff yourself.

I will be carrying some copies at car and bikeshows...or order yours directly from the publishers; Korero Books
If you're into lowbrow art and pinstriping you will not be disappointed!


Chris Dortants said...

Congratz Sven!
Pinstripe Planet I is one of my favorite books and off course I ordered II allready!
Didn`t know your work was shown in it!
See you around!

Mr. Kool said...

Congratulations my friend. It's well deserved!!!!