Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guzzmen Deluxe

My buddy Nico aka Guzzman has made his first step in this blogworld...
seems like we gonna have to check this one for cool stuff, like he says himself, no boundaries on his page....racers, choppers, hotrods, funpics...all there for all to enjoy...
check it out folks... Guzzmen Deluxe


nicholai said...

looks like another cool blogger as well as Elcheapo...nice heads up

Guzzmen said...

Thx Bro,for the support.
Couldn`t remember You took this pic .
It`s Gus`s shoebox wasn`t it... at speedfest`08.

Cya makker

Shoebox Gus said...

Hey Guzzman, good to see your bloggin' too ! Good to see you fit in my shoebox as well, you could drive me home someday haha
Pic was taken at Speedfest '07, I can tell by the color of the steering wheel, it's gold/black nowadays...cu later big guy !
Grtz, Gus